Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WAQA Friendship Day (Maddington)

Lizard of Oz http://www.lizardofoz.com.au/ was invited to be one of the shops at the WAQA Friendship Day held at the community centre in Yule St, Maddington last Saturday. This was an easy "appearance" as the car was still packed with all my goodies from the Hexagon Club Christmas in July meeting the day before. The other shops at the WAQA Friendship Day were Calico & Ivy http://www.calicoandivy.com/ (recently taken over by Debbie) and Kraft Daze http://www.kraftdaze.com/ owned by Jenny. There was a good turnout and I think the feedback was such that WAQA will hold perhaps 3 or 4 of these per year. The hall was great - plenty of space and quite light. There is a raised stage so it was easy to see all the Show & Tell. I didn't think about taking photos until late in the day when I suddenly remembered I had my camera with me. This is a photo of Rae with the quilt she made for her son about his desert adventures. Rae used Lizard of Oz Fusables for the geckos. As far as I can tell the difference between lizards and geckos is that lizards have toenails and geckos have rounded "sticky" toes. There was also a wonderful hexagon quilt by a lady who was an "original" (one of a group that started the WAQA many years ago) but she'd gone before I remembered my camera was in my bag.

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