Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fingers and Petals - First Petal

The top photo is of a shirt and skirt I purchased at an op shop. The shirt had a linen bodice with an oversized collar that formed the sleeves as well. I'm not sure what the collar/sleeves fabric is. It withstands a hot iron and although quite a loose weave is fairly stiff. It has a lovely lustre and I think it might be ramie. The skirt is 100% cotton and quite thin. My plan is to make 5 petals like this one and five petals from the cotton fabric. I intend to put the ones with a sheen at the front and the matt ones at the back to form a flower with 10 petals. I may put more stitching on these leaves - especially round the edges - but I'm going to wait until I have made all 5 to this stage. This is to reduce the risk of running out of the variegated rayon thread as I would like all 5 to have a very similar appearance. This one petal has taken hours already! But that does include lots of mucking around auditioning fabrics and making paper petal mockups to test the final size.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Skin cancer

I have just had a little skin cancer removed from my neck. Now I wait 10 days to find out if it's nasty or not. I can take this dressing off after 3 days and then I'll be able to see if Dr Azucar's sewing is as neat as mine :-) The nurse said he'd done a very neat job.

Dimensions Exhibition



Dimensions is open until 29 November from 10-4 every day EXCEPT Mondays. We have a white challenge hanging in the central atrium area. The top piece is my entry into that called Fib #358 which sold at the opening. The second photo shows work by Linda Stokes (circles) and Delys Brady (the wave). The close up is of my piece called Greef Net (Grief Net).

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dimensions Exhibition

Dimensions, an exhibition by Designing Women, opened at the Nyisztor Gallery, 391 Canning Highway, Melville, Western Australia on Friday evening at 7pm. The exhibition runs until Sunday November 25th. It is open Tuesday to Sunday (NOT Mondays) from 10am to 4pm. Entry and parking are off Stock Road. The gallery used to be a library and has a central lightwell which we had made special white challenge pieces for, and they suited that space very well. I was part of the team involved in the setting up of the display and learnt a lot from Ron about what makes a successful exhibition.

Dimensions was opened by Dr Geoff Lummis from ECU who was a personable speaker - but embarrassed me no end by referring to my work several times. We have a red challenge as part of the display - my face was competing well with that - especially after a wine or two :-) Several works were sold at the opening - including one of mine called Fib #358. I found out later in the evening that it was bought by one of my friends so that was a huge bonus. - there seemed to be quite a bit of interest in that piece and I think I could have sold it several times over!

I think we have pulled off a very successful exhibition and would encourage anyone interested in contemporary textiles to go and see it - just don't go on a Monday!