Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Voile Scarves Update

The light on these photos is really strange - I rushed outside to take a photo inbetween stormy showers so the sky was looming really dark. I grabbed them off the line and rushed back indoors just in the nick of time!

This top fabric has been randomly scrunched with elastic bands and dyed with Magenta, then rescrunched and dyed with Navy. The Magenta was too bright and pink for my liking so I overdyed the whole thing with a weak solution of Violet in an attempt to make the pink and blue become more purple overall.

This second fabric was folded in half across the width and then rolled diagonally over a cord which was pulled tight and tied into a ring. First dyed in Magenta and then retied and dyed in Navy. I also put this in the weak Violet dyebath as I didn't like the stark white areas. I do like the symmetrical pattern.

This third fabric was folded in half along the length and then twisted until it curled onto itself and looked like a skein. Magenta first, refolded and Navy added. Then undone and weak Violet added.

I may put a weak Navy or Cobalt Blue wash over all three. I have been making some stamps and may stamp over them as well. I haven't decided yet.



Gorgeous, gorgeous!! Love the colour!! Lx

patchlisel said...

Yes I like your colour. We made it last year too, with blue in all variations. Now I know what for a work is and how many spots we on our Tshirt leave have!!! I am tensely what you from it sews!

Liebe Grüße