Monday, May 02, 2011

Felting Knitted Handspun Wool

I decided that I would never make the 12 balls of handspun (by me, approx 15 or 20 years ago!) into a jumper so instead of getting rid of it I thought I'd invest even more time into it :-) I knitted some up into a bag shape and then felted it. I'm quite pleased with the result. I need to knit/felt a strap as well but I haven't done that yet. This was knitted with one strand of the handspun and the felt is really quite thick. I plan to embroider and/or dry felt onto this to liven it up a bit.

I knitted some more of the handspun up with some really bright pink synthetic yarn (acrylic?) and this is a photo before I felted it. I still have more handspun left so I will knit that up with some other yarn but I'm waiting to see what the result is from this one first. If I don't like the effect with a synthetic (which I think will sort of bobble up) then I'll knit the rest with some other wool to try and create a striped felt. This one may also come out very thick because I knitted with the 2 yarns together. I started it before I felted the first one and didn't realise how much it would thicken up - this pink/brown one might be so thick I won't be able to stitch through it!