Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goals and aspirations

I met with 3 of my friends today to wish each other well for the festive season and to discuss our goals for the future (whilst eating obscenely big slices of cheesecake and drinking very nice coffee at Mia Cafe in Inglewood). We have been meeting in each others homes (roughly once or twice a month) to work on our art (mostly textiles) for quite a while. We get on really well and today we decided we wanted to continue meeting - maybe a little more often and regularly. We discussed what we each want to do in the next couple of years and what is important to each of us in terms of our art. We discussed some individual and joint goals. We are thinking of having a group exhibition in 2014 - with venue, date, and all other details yet to be decided. I am going to create another blog which can only be accessed by the four of us so that we can post pictures of works in progress, results of experiements, and discuss how we're going to achieve everything. The picture above is of the Christmas pressies I received. Margaret was obviously really in the planning groove by providing us all with a calendar :-) Julie has challenged us by providing some materials to experiment with. And Louise challenged us all with some big questions to think about. I think the support and encouragement of the group will help us all stretch ourselves artistically. I also think the group will give us all the confidence to aim just that little bit higher and promote ourselves more than we each would have done alone.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Sold! Fib #358

Louise bought Fib #358 on the opening night of the Designing Women exhibition "Dimensions". At that point I hadn't embroidered a signature on it so last Tuesday while Louise, Margaret and Julie were visiting I did that. I also promised to give Louise a copy of the Artist Statement for it. This is an incredibly difficult work to photograph because the greater part of the work is white silk on white cotton stitched with a grey-white thread. Texture brings the work to life when it moves gently in an area with plenty of natural light. In real life the white bars stand out quite a bit - but this texture does not photograph well. I'm looking forward to seeing Fib #358 installed in it's new home.