Thursday, September 25, 2008

It was raining this morning so I went snail hunting again and bagged a record 203 snails (the previous total was 266 so the total is now 469).

I cleaned a couple of windows recently (those who know me will know how infrequent an occurence this is!) and they must have been really filthy because Russ actually noticed when he got home! Now of course the rest of the windows look worse than before because there is something better to compare them with.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Behind the scenes

Today has been a day of doing lots of little jobs that customers don't see. Taking photos of things to go on the website and writing the blurb to go with them for instance. I weigh the items and work out what packaging they'll need when they're mailed. I put all that info in a word document and then Russ takes all that info and actually puts it on the website. Sometimes I can pinch photos from the wholesalers website so that makes things easier, but it still takes almost as much time to search for the images and copy them as it would to take the photo myself.

I had to re-draw one of my documents this week because it was corrupted when my computer started failing (the backup was also corrupted). Which felt like a big waste of time. But at least only one document was damaged. Now that has been re-drawn I can get back to drawing new ones - which is a lot more satisfying.

The pictures are of the design "Winding Ways". I've always liked this design and am planning to make this one someday. English piecing is probably not the best method for this block because of the extremely narrow points - I'll probably either machine piece it or hand-piece it using the American piecing method. This is a Matilda's Own template set which I have just received into stock. You will be able to order it from the website soon.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Slowly sorting

After our bicycle ride this morning I bagged 53 snails (total now 266). This morning was a "tidying up loose ends" sort of day. Mailing off subscriptions to a couple of organisations that became due recently, paying a few bills, filing papers, that sort of thing. Generally trying to clear some of the piles of papers on my desk. I spent this afternoon cutting lots more red hexagons for Field of Diamonds so that I've got plenty of stitching for tonight and the weekend.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Snails - Again!

Bagged 103 this morning! That brings the total to 213 so far.

I'm going to visit my friend Irene this morning. I haven't seen her for ages so I'm really looking forward to catching up.