Thursday, July 03, 2008

Voile Scarves

I hemmed 5 pieces of cotton voile 2m long x width of fabric to turning them into scarves. I experimented with different hems. Then I experimented with ways of scrunching the fabric to form a resist to the dye on 3 of them. These 3 had a first dye bath of Magenta. I'm not sure I like Magenta - it's too much of a pink-red for my liking. I always planned to overdye them anyway. I had time to put one of them in the navy dyebath. This one was just scrunched and held together with elastic bands. I quite like it but I plan to overdye this in a weak solution of Violet to tone down the pinkness and make the navy more purplish. I hope :-) Depending on what happens with that will affect what I do with the 2 still soaking.

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