Friday, March 27, 2009

New Sewing Machine Table

I had been having some pain in my back/neck for quite some time when machine sewing. I was using my sewing machine on top of an office desk and thought my posture when sewing this way might be partly to blame. I already take regular breaks from stitching and do some stretching exercises, and, although these help a great deal, I was still experiencing pain. I tried raising my chair, using a footstool etc but none of that seemed to make any difference. So I started looking at the various options for dropping the machine below the top of the table surface so that the needle is at normal table height. I knew I didn't want a cabinet as I wanted to be able to change my sewing set-up to suit whatever I was sewing at the time. I had heard good reports about the Sew-Ezi portable sewing machine tables on the Scquilters email list and the idea that I could take this to classes and sewing groups as well as use it in my home or a studio (on the wishlist!) was very tempting. The insert that goes around the needle plate of the machine is tailored to each specific machine and if you intend to use it with more than one machine (or if you buy a new machine) you simply buy another insert.

I bought the Sew-Ezi table from and it was delivered quickly with no hassles whatsoever considering I'm on the other side of Australia. I also bought the wooden insert that converts it to a normal table when there is no machine in it, and the clear insert so it can be used as a light box by putting a portable lamp on the machine hanger shelf. It was easy to assemble.

I have used it a bit now. With my old set-up there was absolutely no vibration when using the machine at full speed because the desk was ancient and built of solid wood - I just about needed a crane if I needed to move it! And when I used the machine at full speed on a folding trestle at sewing circle there was a lot of vibration which made it difficult to focus on the stitching. So I was a bit worried that there might be a lot of vibration as the Sew-Ezi is a fold-up table too. I was pleased to find the vibration is minimal.
All in all I am very happy with the Sew-Ezi table and the flexibility it gives me to change my sewing set-up as required.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Away too long

I knew I hadn't posted for a long time... But, 6 months is REALLY way too long! Will try to get back into an (almost) daily habit.

September, October and November I was reorganising all my sewing area(s!) and clearing space in the house for my Father in Law to stay for 3 months. He arrived at the beginning of December and stayed until almost the end of February. We got on very well - which was good because the long term plan is that he will come to live with us, assuming he is granted a permanent visa.

He did heaps of odd jobs while was here. He built three great boxes on castors to go at the bottom of the pantry. I cannot believe I have lived so long without these - no more crawling on hands and knees trying to see what's there. I've started making a list of jobs for when he gets back :-)