Monday, August 21, 2006

Bags from A4 Samples

Have just posted 4 pics of some bags I created from some of the A4 samples that have been lying around for ages. I like them but they're a bit small. Will be making bigger samples in future so I can make bigger bags :-)


Nicole and Phil said...

Hi Liz,
hello from a fellow quilter. Look forward to seeing more photos of your up and coming work!

Nicole, Berlin, Germany
(I have added your link to my blog so I can check on it every now and again!

Maureen said...

Welcome to the addictive world of blogging.
I saw your comments on Aus_NZ_Art quilters and being an ex sandgroper had to check you out!!
Never thought of turning the A4 discarded quilts into bags!

Meg said...

Groovy quilts Liz,
I just started blogging too, fun isn't it!

Liz said...

Thanks guys - I've only just realised there were comments on my blog! Wasn't being rude and ignoring you - just unaware they were there. Obviously need more practice at this blogging lark :-)