Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Banksia Flower

I took this photo of a Banksia flower soon after purchasing a Canon Powershot Pro1 digital camera and I've used it to test how to upload a photo. Really happy with the camera - now just have to remember to take it with me wherever I go. This blog will be updated as and when I think of something to post. I'd like to use this blog in the future to get feedback on my textile work - which means I'd better go stitch!

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Judy (East Maitland) said...

Love it, Liz! I really enjoy your bags and am jealous of your Canon. I still have the very 1st Canon digital Ixus from 2000 which still provides a good photo, however not a patch on the clarity of the new one.

Go for it!

Scquilty hugz,

Judy (East Maitland)

Judy Cowley (East Maitland)