Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fingers and Petals - First Petal

The top photo is of a shirt and skirt I purchased at an op shop. The shirt had a linen bodice with an oversized collar that formed the sleeves as well. I'm not sure what the collar/sleeves fabric is. It withstands a hot iron and although quite a loose weave is fairly stiff. It has a lovely lustre and I think it might be ramie. The skirt is 100% cotton and quite thin. My plan is to make 5 petals like this one and five petals from the cotton fabric. I intend to put the ones with a sheen at the front and the matt ones at the back to form a flower with 10 petals. I may put more stitching on these leaves - especially round the edges - but I'm going to wait until I have made all 5 to this stage. This is to reduce the risk of running out of the variegated rayon thread as I would like all 5 to have a very similar appearance. This one petal has taken hours already! But that does include lots of mucking around auditioning fabrics and making paper petal mockups to test the final size.

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Joan said...

That is going to look fantastic. It looks time consuming though. How small is the petal? Like your colour choice.