Monday, February 14, 2011

Natural Dyed Silk

This is the same piece of silk as in the previous post. The first colour was from cloves. This golden yellow is from Tumeric. It was boiled for an hour. The white spot is light reflecting from the tiles - it is difficult to photograph because it is so transparent and the bathroom tiles gave the best image. The close up photo is the truest in colour. I haven't quite decided whether to do more to this piece or not. I'm going to keep it hanging around to see if I have any further ideas. I think it could be interesting to add some black somehow. Maybe India Ink? Circles?


Joan said...

Looks great Liz - bring it with you on the weekend :) Love to see it.

Nadine said...

Dear Liz, I'm sorry to contact you via your blog for this matter, but I'm wondering what happened to my order to your Web site, some time ago. Here are the details :
on 17th December 2010 I got my order confirmation nr 1169 (it was for a Periwinkle Star template set ), then I sent an email to your sales dept. on 15th January 2011 in order to get some news but I never got any answer. (?)
I guess there must have been a problem somewhere, and I'd be so grateful if you could check this for me ?
THANKS, dear.

linda said...

Great colour Liz!