Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Away too long

I knew I hadn't posted for a long time... But, 6 months is REALLY way too long! Will try to get back into an (almost) daily habit.

September, October and November I was reorganising all my sewing area(s!) and clearing space in the house for my Father in Law to stay for 3 months. He arrived at the beginning of December and stayed until almost the end of February. We got on very well - which was good because the long term plan is that he will come to live with us, assuming he is granted a permanent visa.

He did heaps of odd jobs while was here. He built three great boxes on castors to go at the bottom of the pantry. I cannot believe I have lived so long without these - no more crawling on hands and knees trying to see what's there. I've started making a list of jobs for when he gets back :-)

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Banaghaisge said...

Wow, they look like such wonderful useful boxes. When is he returning???? Where is he getting permish to come from? Hope it is soon, sounds like the sort of FIL who would be good value!
And don't leave it so long till the next blog - it is such good fun (I just started one in Feb!)