Sunday, December 09, 2007

Inchie Challenge

The Designing Women challenge was to produce something that would display our inchies from the swap at our retreat. There were 13 inchie swap participants and this is the set I received.

I didn't meet the deadline but I wasn't alone - only 4 of us had challenge pieces finished. Helen had created a great cuff (in 10 minutes she claimed!) which appealed to everyone. I had thought I would make a necklet but, after seeing the cuff, I decided to make a bracelet. Joan had framed hers in a spiral layout, Delys had made a cube with inchies on each face (which meant she had to add some ring-ins as she 4 on each side - a total of 16), and someone? had made a needle case and appliqued the inchies to the cover.

I wrapped a ring from a Vegemite (Aussie staple diet item) jar with acrylic yarn and then stitched with bright coloured cottons all over it. This was to hide the big stitches I just knew I was going to make when attaching the inchies.

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joanlil said...

Oh well done Liz! I look forward to seeing the bracelet. Can you bring it to CQG?