Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas Decorations

One of the groups I attend is having a Christmas Decoration swap at their next meeting so I've been playing with creating some decorations using techniques I've read about but never actually done. This star was created by painting Vliesofix fusible web with gold paint, letting it dry and then ironing the webbing to felt. I stitched a wonky grid with a variegated red rayon thread. I cut out the star shapes and zigzag stitched the edges together. I added the stuffing just before I completed the stitching around the edges while it was still under the presser foot of the machine. I've cut out 2 more and will stitch those by hand so I'll have a total of 3 different decorations from the one piece of embellished felt. I think I put a bit too much paint on the Vliesofix as it didn't adhere very well to the felt and would have looked better with a "worn" look. I am pleased with it overall though and the surface feels very like leather.

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