Monday, October 22, 2007

More Dyeing Fun

I played with the dyes that arrived from KraftKolour. I mixed the powders (about 50/50) to get an orange from the red & yellow, a purple from the red & blue, and a green from the blue & yellow. These pieces of fabric are the results of the baggies "cooking" in the sun using only one colour per piece so I have a colour reference for the future. I mixed up far too much dye so had a go later in the week as well with some yarn. And I've still got some mixed up dye left. Apparently they gradually lose reactive strength once mixed with water so I'm probably not going to get much else if I try to use them - but I will chuck something in to see what happens. If it doesn't work I haven't lost anything as I can always dye it again. I really like the Rubine.
This is the yarn that I think looks like the plumage of the Spendid Wren. I first dyed the yarn blue, then overdyed with red, purple and rubine. I was so pleased with it I started crocheting a top for myself as soon as it was dry! It will be a miracle if I look as good in this as the wren does in his finery :-)


Lindi said...

Your dyed pieces look wonderful. I love the rubine and the purple best, and the splendid yarn. Wouldn't a fabric brooch of a little Splendid Wren look great on your top!

Liz said...

Thanks Lindi. I'm not sure of the netiquette for comments - it looks like I have to reply via my blog rather than in an email. I loved the results from the first lot of dyeig so much I've ordered more dyes from KraftKolour and they arrived this morning. Now they're calling me and I'm supposed to be working!

cat in tassie said...

Those little pots of dye should come with a warning:

These substances are addictive!!

Once I started dyeing, I couldn't stop LOL. Your fabrics looks great.